Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011: C/:forward C.C.A.D BA(Hons) Degree Exhibition 2011 Richard Forrest

        Title: Sound piece one    (Beachdiggerglitchplussoundglitch)

              Title: Sound piece two    (Tractorgreyscaleglitchplussoundglitch)

Title: Sound piece three (Bogpipeglitchplussoundglitch)

These sound pieces were originally the three glitched images in the light-boxes. These images were opened as an audio file in a music editing program, the computer thus translated the visual data into sound.

 Title: Valve Amp

Title: Light-box one         (Beachdiggerglitch)
Title: Light-box two         (Tractorgreyscaleglitch)
Title: Light-box three      (Bogpipeglitch)

The original un-glitched digital images were opened as a text document in a word processor, the computer translated the visual information into text. The base code was thus rearranged as a text document and saved. When reopened as an image they were visually corrupted and glitched.

Close ups

Title: Poppy pod

Materials: 3D print, printed in ABS plastic, botanical glass, Beech.

Using a variety of traditional and innovative methods, I wish to link the past with the present and explores ideas of perception, transformation and the relationship between the material world and the world of information.